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Casts of people's scars taken in covid.

I visited around 50 people in the fall of 2020, most of them strangers. They showed me their scars, told me their stories and I took moulds of their skin. On the one hand, it became a kind of archive of scars in all shapes and sizes of all ages from people from different walks of life. Accidents, self harm, operations, illnesses and everything in between. On the other hand, this was a platform for beautiful, raw and vulnerable moments between two people at a point in time where most people were isolated and afraid.
I wanted to take the scars out of context, take away the person behind the scar and leave nothing but  the perception. The texture, the pattern, the feeling, the places your imagination takes you.
But it is also a love letter to our skin that holds all of us and that always heals.

Herdís Hlíf, visual artist

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